『Flicker List』

A pretty different floating todo-list APP

Intimate, convenient and efficient

Mac Client
Use Flicker List on Mac
Windows Client
Use Flicker List on Windows
iOS Client
Use on iPhone、iPad
Android Client
Use on Android、Pad

Simple design, but powerful

Support calendar mode, more clearer, more intuitive

Can float on any software or desktop

You can drag it to anywhere

Cloud storage, multi-device synchronization

Support English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese

Theme changes as you like

Always like to pursue the ultimate, so we created a Flicker List: a list software that can always hover on the desktop, her only and unique, caring and easy to use.

Flicker List Checklist is a checklist software that can always be suspended on the desktop. As an assistant to study and work, she can help you with efficient study, work, and life arrangements, and can help you make daily and weekly plans , Set up meeting reminders, birthday reminders, and other event reminders, and can also help you schedule, organize memos, organize shopping lists, and more. The Flicker List provides a floating window that can always be suspended on the desktop. You can reach other functions of the software through the floating window with one click to improve your work efficiency.

As an intimate assistant, she always hopes to adapt to your habits and your rhythm in every detail, just like the definition we wrote in her gene: Beside you, but not bother.

Flicker mobile terminal has also been launched online, and it is still simple and refreshing.

I've always wanted to do better, and I've been working hard. The Flicker List hopes to be your effective assistant for studying and working.