A different floating list software

『Beside you, but not disturbing』

Simple design, powerful function

👈 Just like this

Mobile APP also excellent

Just like this 👉

E-calendar also excellent

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Light notes, floating notes

Record your reflections, inspirations, diaries, memos

Mac Client
Use NarTick on Mac
Windows Client
Use NarTick on Windows
iOS Client
Use on iPhone、iPad
Android Client
Use on Android、Pad

Can be suspended on any software or desktop

You can move it anywhere

Flexible and simple to-do list management

No matter how complicated the task is, it can be easily managed

Flexible repetition settings to help develop habits

Lunar Calendar Repeat, Weekday Repeat, Custom Repeat

Share tasks with family and colleagues

Arrange tasks for your family and collaborate with your colleagues

Task Description for Cloud Note Experience

Support rich cloud note editing capabilities

Free Monthly View

See your plan for one month at a glance

Timeline view, support day, three day, week dimension

Precisely manage your to-do with 5-minute granularity

Four-quadrant Kanban

Know the priorities at a glance

The Pomodoro Technique

Help you focus on work and study

Matryoshka list

The list can be nested, and the daily management can be easily classified

Cloud storage data, multi-device synchronization

And support multi-color themes, as you like

Multi-language support

Support English, Traditional, Simplified Chinese, Japanese