NarTick Privacy Policy

Update Date: May 31, 2022
The ownership and operation rights of the NarTick belong to Beijing Konoha Technology Co., Ltd. In these Terms of Service referred to as "NarTick Company" and sometimes "us". Use of NarTick products and services constitutes your agreement to the following Privacy Policy.

Personal Data We Collect

The NarTick collects the data you provide to us, your interactions with the NarTick, and product usage data.

Purpose of collecting data

We collect data, on the one hand, it is the requirements of the product itself, and we need some data to provide services; on the other hand, we need to continuously optimize the use experience of the product, which is based on the user's operating habits; so far, we will not Use your private data for targeted push.

How data is collected

Part of the data is obtained by the system authority, some data is directly read by the system interface, some data is provided by you directly, and other data is collected by us through your interaction with the product and the use and experience of the product. The data we collect depends on the context in which you interact with the NarTick and the choices you make, including your privacy settings and the products and features you use.

Scope of data collected

The following is the scope of the data we collect, and the corresponding purpose of collection:
  • Part of your interactions in the APP: Analyze user habits and optimize the experience of using the product.
  • Software installation list: Call third-party services, or jump to third-party apps, such as WeChat login.
  • Files in the device (requires a second manual confirmation of permissions): Store data such as screenshots of the NarTick.
  • Your permission configuration data about the product: permission activation reminder and guidance.
  • Device ID (Android ID): The operations and data before you log in. Since you do not have an account, you can only record the device ID (Android ID) for distinction.
  • Clipboard: When entering to-do item title, description and other information, you can paste from the clipboard instead of manual input.

Permission to collect data allows

You can make different choices about the technology you use and the data you share. When we ask you to provide personal data, you can refuse. We need certain personal data from you in order to provide you with services. If you choose not to provide the data required for a product feature, you cannot use that product or feature. Or if this involves an existing product you are using, then we may have to suspend or cancel your access. We will notify you if this is the case. If you choose not to share personal data without mandating the provision of data, you will not be able to use features that require the provision of such data.

How we use personal data

NarTick uses the data we collect to provide you with a rich interactive experience. Typical purposes for which we use data include:
  • Providing our product services, including updating, securing and troubleshooting, and providing support. It also includes sharing data when it is necessary to use the data to provide a service or perform a transaction you request.
  • Improve and develop our products.
  • We also use data to run our business, which includes analyzing our performance, complying with legal obligations, growing our workforce, and conducting research.
The processing of personal data to achieve these objectives includes both automatic and manual (manual) processing methods. Automatic methods are usually related to manual methods and supplemented by manual methods. For example, artificial intelligence in automated approaches can be viewed as a set of technologies that enable computers to sense, learn, reason, and assist decision-making to solve problems in a human-like manner. In order to build, train, and improve the accuracy of automated processing methods, we manually examine some of the predictions and inferences produced by automated methods against the underlying data on which the predictions and inferences are based. For example, we manually examine short, de-identified sample segments of speech data to improve speech services such as recognition and translation.

How we protect your personal data

To ensure the stability of user data, we temporarily do not provide the function of data clearing for some data.
We will use a variety of technical means to protect your personal data; but at the same time, we will have some scenarios where it is necessary to clean user data, migrate user data or have other effects on the data. In these cases, we may encounter some abnormality and technical problems In addition, for some malicious technical attacks, we cannot guarantee that the data will not be stolen. By agreeing to this policy, you accept the risk, and NarTick Company is not responsible for the loss or theft of user or third-party data.

How to access and control your personal data

You may also choose to collect and use your data for the NarTick. You can control your personal data obtained by NarTick and exercise your data protection rights by contacting NarTick or using the various tools we provide. In certain circumstances, your ability to access or control your personal data will be limited as required or permitted by applicable law. How you access or control your personal data also depends on the product you use. For example, you can:
Not all personal data processed by NarTick can be accessed or controlled through the tools above. If you need to access or control personal data processed by NarTick but not available through the above tools or directly through the NarTick product you use, you can contact us at any time through the How to Contact Us section or using our web form NarTick contact.
We provide aggregated metrics on requests by users to exercise their data protection rights through the NarTick Privacy Report.

Device Privacy Permissions We Need

We need the following permissions on the device and why we need them:

Autostart permission

We need self-start permissions, which require your authorization to take effect. The purpose of obtaining self-starting permission:
  • To ensure that the todos you create will remind you on time, even when the device is in the background.
  • When you open the floating window, the device can be suspended on top of other APPs, and it can work normally even after the APP is exited, which requires self-starting permission.
  • Foreground notifications can easily preview your todos from the notification bar after the APP exits, which requires self-start permissions.

Camera permissions

We need camera permissions, which require your authorization to take effect. The purpose of obtaining camera permissions:
  • Scan the QR code to log in to other devices, such as Flicker Smart Calendar
  • Upload pictures to notes and todos

Album permissions

We need album permissions, which require your authorization to take effect. The purpose of obtaining album permissions:
  • Upload pictures to notes and todos

Display on top of other apps

When using the floating window, the permission displayed on the upper layer of other applications is required, which requires you to manually enable the permission.

File write permission

Personal data, or other image storage that needs to be saved locally, requires the file write permission to be enabled, which requires your manual consent to enable the permission.

Third-party SDK usage

In order to ensure the realization of the functions related to the NarTick and the safe and stable operation of the application, we need to access the software development kit (SDK) provided by a third party to achieve related purposes. The third-party SDKs we access mainly serve the needs of you and other users. Therefore, we may adjust the third-party SDKs we access to meet new service requirements and business function changes. We will disclose to you the latest information on accessing third-party SDKs in this description in a timely manner.
The following is the SDK we access:
  • WeChat SDK: Help users log in with WeChat authorization in the app, WeChat payment, and help users share content to WeChat

How to cancel the account and data

The NarTick mobile terminal provides the function of canceling the account. If necessary, you can do it yourself. The operation path is: "My"->"Settings Center"->"Cancel Account". Once the account is cancelled, it will take effect immediately, and the data will not be able to be retrieved.

Privacy Policy Changes

NarTick, Inc. reserves the right to change the Privacy Policy at any time without notice to users. The user accepts that The NarTick Company exercises the right to change, interrupt or terminate the Privacy Policy, and the NarTick Company is not responsible to the user or third parties.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about this agreement, please contact us.
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