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How will it change your life?

How to be your right-hand man in work, life and study?

Flicker Smart Calendar

Everything in life can be seen with your eyes
Smart multifunctional calendar, efficient work and planning

Ten core functions

To-do reminders
Share to-do
Repeated todos
Multiple calendar
Four-quadrant working
Pomodoro Timer...

Multiple items display reminders, enjoy love and efficiency

Reminder of to-do items in work and life

Through the APP to plan the to-do items, it will be automatically displayed in the calendar, and you can feel its daily companionship silently

Apple, CalDav schedule subscription

Can subscribe the schedules from Apple, CalDav, etc

Family and colleagues share to-do

Arrange reminders for family members; work with colleagues to be more efficient

Complete repeated tasks to help develop good habits

Complete a fixed task every day, take a small step every day, take a big step every week, and meet an extraordinary self in one year

Built-in Pomodoro Technique

Complete one Pomodoro time period after another. While greatly improving work efficiency, you can also take a good rest. Only by being healthy can you work better

What is the Pomodoro Technique?

25 minutes for you to concentrate

A variety of calendar boards, with one-click switching

Month view, week view, three-day view

Four-quadrant Kanban

Help you easily sort out your priorities

Matryoshka task dismantling

No matter how complicated the task is, it can be disassembled very well

Mobile computer APP synchronizes your data

Synchronize your various items on a professional time management APP, so as to realize to-do reminders, Pomodoro Technique customization, task planning, etc., which is convenient and simple

High precision temperature and humidity sensor

Real-time and rapid sensing of temperature and humidity changes to give you and your family meticulous care

Eye-friendly ink screen
paper-like display texture

A high-resolution electronic ink screen is used to make the screen display more similar to the display texture of printed text, and it is still highly visible when viewed from multiple angles

Extremely long battery life

It can be used for 20 days on a single charge, and can easily cope with daily life

Small size and does not take up much space
can be placed at will

Placed anywhere without taking up space, such as on the desktop or hung on the wall.

Customizable for enterprise users

Feeling your care every day using the calendar

Help working mothers
plan family routines easily

From home to work, help you clean up your plan

Help elite dads
manage work tasks efficiently

You can share tasks with others through mobile phones and computer software

Help children
learn more focused

The Pomodoro Technique allows children to focus on learning without distraction

Help the elderly
do a good job of health management

Help the old man book the to-do, and never forget to take medicine again

Overview of Product Parameters

Your exclusive time planning assistant